Results’ Human Rights Statement

The Results Companies (Results) is a global enterprise that does business in many dynamic markets. We rely on our employees to express and replicate our values, ensuring that we conduct business in a way that respects human rights.

In the workplace, we respect human rights primarily by providing safe and healthy working conditions and ensuring non-discrimination in personnel practices. In our communities, we respect human rights by contributing our time and talents to the well-being of the communities in which we operate. We influence the standards of conduct in these communities by living our values.

This is a universal approach and not restricted to developed, or developing, economies. Externally, in those instances where we do have direct influence, we extend the requirements and aspirations expressed within our values, principles, and policies to the business dealings of our suppliers.
We comply with all laws governing our businesses in the communities in which we operate, recognizing that the primary responsibility for human rights lies with the governments of those communities. We also respect all international human rights norms. In addition, we live our corporate values in every community in which we operate, which includes the application of our human rights policy set forth below.

Results’ Human Rights Policy

Children and Young Workers

As a fundamental principle, child labor is prohibited. We do encourage the creation of educational, training or apprenticeship programs tied to formal education for young people.

Compliance with National Laws

We adhere strictly to labor laws in the geographies where we are present. Our employees are required to have rest days, with no employees being required to work excessive schedules.

Freedom of Engagement

We believe that people should work because they want or need to, not because they are forced to do so. We prohibit the use of prison labor, forcibly indentured labor, bonded labor, slavery, or servitude.

Equality of Opportunity

We recognize, respect, and embrace the cultural differences found in the worldwide marketplace. Our workplace is an environment where individuals are rewarded for their abilities and talent. Our goal is to attract, develop, promote, and retain the best people from all cultures and segments of the population, based on ability. We have zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment of any kind.


It is Results’ policy to prohibit intentional and unintentional harassment of any individual by another person on the basis of any protected classification including, but not limited to, race, color, national origin, disability, religion, marital status, sexual orientation or age. The purpose of this policy is not to regulate our employees’ personal morality, but to ensure that in the workplace, no one harasses another individual. Any form of threats, punishment or mental/physical coercion is strictly prohibited.


We ensure that compensation meets or exceeds the legal minimums and is competitive with industry standards. Our compensation philosophy is clearly communicated to employees and is in full compliance with all applicable laws.

Freedom of Association

We recognize and respect the freedom of individual Results employees to join, or refrain from joining, legally authorized associations or organizations.

Relationships with Indigenous People

Within the framework of our Values, we respect the cultures, customs and values of the people in communities where we operate and take into account their needs, concerns, and aspirations.

Compliance Measures

Communication of Policy

Our Human Rights Policy is available on our external website and internal intranet. These sites are the primary means within the company to find information about Results and our policies.

One of our key challenges in the human rights area is ensuring this policy is integrated throughout our global operations. Ensuring compliance is difficult, but several methods are available to help detect and address any noncompliance.

By publicly posting our policy on, employees and stakeholders worldwide can alert us to potential issues regarding this policy. Our internal systems also support compliance with this policy. For example, we have internal mechanisms that permit employees to report alleged violations of law and policy, or differences of opinion.

We also have a rigorous internal audit system that includes, as part of the audit process, interviews with all key location managers on compliance with local laws.

Human Rights Training

We have developed a human rights training course for key Results managers. Managers will complete the mandatory course as part of their standard curriculum.

Health and Safety Policy and Principles

Results’ Health and Safety Policy

It is policy of The Results Companies (Results) to operate worldwide in a safe, responsible manner which respects the environment and the health of our employees, our client and the communities where we operate and to abide by all laws and regulations governing our industry. To this end, we must rely upon employees to ensure that work areas are kept safe and free of hazardous conditions. Employees are required to be conscientious about workplace safety, including proper operating methods, and recognize dangerous conditions or hazards. Any unsafe conditions or potential hazards should be reported to management immediately, even if the problem appears to be corrected. Any suspicion of a concealed danger present on the Company’s premises, or in a product, facility, piece of equipment, process or business practice for which the Company is responsible should be brought to the attention of management immediately. We will not compromise environmental, health or safety values for profit or production.

All Result employees are expected to understand, promote and assist in the implementation of this Policy and the accompanying Principles.

Results’ Health and Safety Principles

  • We value human life above all else and manage risks accordingly.
  • We relentlessly pursue and continually improve health and safety processes to achieve an incident-free workplace.
  • We do not compromise our health or safety values for profit or production.
  • We comply with all laws and set higher standards for ourselves where unacceptable risks are identified.
  • We support pollution prevention and sustainable development by incorporating social responsibility, economic success and environment excellence into our decision making process.
  • We measure and assess our performance and are open and transparent in our communications.
  • We supply and use safe and reliable products and services.
  • We use our knowledge to enhance the safety and well-being of our communities.
  • We are all accountable for conforming with and deploying our health and safety value and principles.

Compliance Measures

Our Health and Safety policy is available on our external website and internal intranet. These sites are the primary means within the company to find information about Results and our policies.

Health and Safety Training

All Results employees receive health and safety training as part of the new hire on-boarding process. Refresher training is required annually for the employee’s full tenure at the Company. Training includes instruction of procedures during emergency situations and hazard prevention. Results’ Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans also address the safety of our employees and are tested annually to ensure compliance for the well-being of our employees and our business.

Environmental Policy Statement

The Results Companies’ (Results’) management is committed to protecting human health and natural resources, promoting environmental stewardship, and implementing innovative environmental technologies and practices. Through management leadership and employee participation, Results is committed to:

  • Developing environmental management plans with objectives and targets to minimize adverse environmental impacts and measure our progress toward these goals;
  • Complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and other requirements;
  • Providing all Results staff with the knowledge and tools needed to prevent negative environmental impacts;
  • Implementing effective pollution prevention and waste minimization programs to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials;
  • Ensuring that energy and water are used responsibly and conserved through innovative practices and procedures; and
  • Responding to all incidents immediately to minimize any environmental impacts.

This commitment demands that:

  • We each take personal responsibility to protect the environment as we conduct our work.
    • We ensure that we have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to conduct our work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
    • We are aware of and use care to minimize the negative environmental consequences of our activities.
  • We each take personal responsibility to use resources wisely.
    • We use only what we need and look for opportunities to minimize waste.
    • We respectfully challenge each other to be efficient in the use of natural resources.
  • We each take personal responsibility to protect and enhance our local communities.
    • We promptly report all incidents and unsafe conditions to our Security and Compliance Office.
    • We encourage proactive environmental efforts onsite and within our local communities to ensure that we are a positive influence where we work and live.

Environmental stewardship is and must be an integral part of every Results business practice, operation, job, and task. It is incumbent on each of us to assess our own roles and responsibilities and to help fulfill, to the utmost of our abilities, the commitments set forth in this statement.